Fuzzy Logix is an analytics software and professional services company.  We provide a new generation of in-database analytic solutions which help companies make smarter decisions and improve effectiveness and performance.  Our solutions are easy to use and deploy and run very fast (10X to 100X faster than other analytic products).  Many companies use DB Lytix™, our in-database library, to put analytics in the hands of decision makers and our solutions are used by financial, insurance, marketing services, retail and healthcare companies.   To run our solutions you simply write SQL statements, therefore analytics can be embedded into all reporting tools.  Our library installs in less than 30 minutes and we offer structured trails to demonstrate the value we offer.  We also develop custom analytics and offer OEM solutions.  We make analytics easy, pervasive and available real-time.

At Fuzzy Logix, LLC our vision is to use artificial intelligence and sophisticated quantitative techniques to solve complex problems faced by businesses as well as mankind. We aim to deliver a rich suite of advanced analytics and predictive algorithms to solve problems specific to your company and industry and provide you with competitive advantage at an affordable cost.


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