Partha Sen – CEO and CVO (Chief Vision Officer)

Partha has a passion for solving complex business problems using quantitative methods, data mining and pattern recognition. For a period of about 12 years from 1995 to 2007, Partha pursued this passion as a hobby and developed about 100 algorithms and over 700 quantitative models. These algorithms and models are the basis for the solutions being implemented by Fuzzy Logix today.

Before founding Fuzzy Logix, Partha worked at Bank of America where he held senior management positions in the commercial and investment bank and in the portfolio strategies group. In the commercial and investment bank, Partha led the initiative to build a quantitative model driven credit rating methodology for the entire commercial loan portfolio. The methodology is used by the bank for allocating reserves against potential losses from loans. In the portfolio strategies group, Partha led a team to devise various strategies for effectively hedging the credit risk for the bank’s commercial loan portfolio and for minimizing the impact of mark-to-market volatility of the portfolio of hedging instruments (Credit Default Swaps, Credit Default Swaptions, and CDS Indexes).

Partha was also responsible for managing the Quantitative Management Associate Program at Bank of America. This is a two-year associate development program which has groomed over 75 quantitative managers within the enterprise.

Prior to working at Bank of America, Partha held managerial positions at Ernst and Young and Tata Consultancy Services. He has a Bachelor of Engineering, with a major in computer science and a minor in mathematics from the Indian Institute of Technology. He also has an MBA from Wake Forest University.

Michael Upchurch – COO and CCO (Chief Culture Officer)

At Fuzzy Logix, Mike is responsible for customer acquisition and retention, partnerships, customer solution delivery, US and European operations and corporate culture.

Prior to joining Fuzzy Logix worked at Bank of America to develop the strategic and operational plan for their $13B telephone based mortgage and home equity sales group. This led to 35% growth during 3 years and continues to enable the business to grow in a turbulent market. Later he joined the Consumer Innovation Team in Global Portfolio Strategies in the Global Corporate and Investment Bank. In this role he worked to develop new financial products for consumers by leveraging capital market instruments and has a patent pending. Next, Mike worked in the Global Bank Debt organization to develop sales strategy and product innovation. In his final role he worked to identify innovative solutions to treasury and debt management challenges for global companies.

Earlier, Mike worked at boutique consulting firm, The Hunter Group to implement ERP systems for Global Fortune 500 companies. After multiple engagements, Mike moved from project manager to service development manager for the UK, to global service development manager where helped develop the company’s market offerings across 9 lines of business, spanning 12 countries and leveraging the strengths of 13 companies acquired over a 3 year period.

The time at The Hunter Group formed the basis for his corporate management philosophy built on hiring highly qualified, experienced and likable people, empowering them to control their career while supporting personal and professional growth and providing a challenging and interesting work environment. Combining this philosophy with a total focus on client solution delivery and prudent financial management led the group to profitably achieve the highest client satisfaction amongst consulting firms in the UK. This philosophy is how we manage Fuzzy Logix today (Thanks Terry Hunter!).

Mike has also worked for Coopers and Lybrand in their Technology and Finance Group and has a degree in Finance and minor in Psychology from East Carolina University.

Munir Bondre, CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Munir is in charge of the technology directions for Fuzzy Logix.  Munir’s mission is to enable Fuzzy Logix, LLC to make analytics pervasive by finding better and new ways of bringing valuable analytics to the masses.

Munir’s background is in product management.  In the past he has directed the end to end software development lifecycle of complex mission-critical enterprise applications with international cross-functional, multi-site and multicultural teams for Dassault Systemes, the market leader in PLM and CAD software products.   Munir is a graduate in Business Administration and he holds undergraduate degrees in Electronics Engineering and Computer Science.