In-Database Analytics

Why move the data to the analytics when you can move the analytics to the data?

Analyzing large volume of data presents numerous challenges it is time consuming, very expensive and requires management of complex technology infrastructure. And yet, analyzing large volume of data is what businesses need most desperately today! In traditional approaches for analyzing data, end-users must move data into memory for processing. This activity often accounts for up to 75% of the cycle time and imposes severe constraints on delivery of results. In addition, the client or server where the processing is done must have enough memory to store the data and intermediate results. Large unwieldy and expensive solutions have been devised and implemented using this approach, but there is a more elegant solution by taking the analytics to the data instead.

Introducing DB Lytix™

DB Lytix is an in-database computation engine that allows you to perform analytics within your database, which means you don't have to move the data from storage to memory and therefore, you don't have to build large computational infrastructure with servers, blades and load balancing software. Just deploy DB Lytix™ on your database, and you instantly have the ability to perform advanced analytics through simple SELECT and EXECUTE statements.

Using DB Lytix™ has multiple advantages:

Who can Benefit from DB Lytix™?

For all customers, Fuzzy Logix will provide education, support and expert consultation.