Teradata supports high concurrency and scalability, fast query response on large volumes of data, multi -threaded processing and leverages data distribution and the best optimizer in the industry for parallel processing.  Fuzzy Logix in-database models inherit all of these benefits because the models are embedded and optimized within Teradata database engine.  In addition, Teradata’s Workload Management will allocate resources and manage the work load across users and processes.

Teradata Aster has a unique SQL-MapReduce® framework which is schema aware and is designed for data discovery and analytics across all types of data, particularly multi -structured data that will be analyzed using massively parallel processing.  The Aster MapReduce Platform delivers a powerful solution for storing, processing, and building big data analytics and puts data science in the hands of business users.   Their optimized hardware and software configuration for Aster and Hadoop and 40 Gb/s InfiniBand networking is 35x faster for interactive SQL and MapReduce analytics than alternative Apache Hadoop solutions.  Fuzzy Logix models run across individual nodes in an Aster database cluster and leverage data and processing parallelism for the highest performance possible.   Together with the Aster MapReduce Analytics Portfolio, Fuzzy Logix in-database analytics libraries allow data scientists and business analysts to easily leverage their SQL skillset to efficiently discovery and analyze all your big data assets.

Choose Either or Both: The same in-database models are available on both Teradata and Teradata Aster platforms and will leverage the best features of each.  With the Aster-Teradata Adaptor the two systems are tightly integrated.  Adding the Aster SQL-H technology adds connectivity to the HDFS layer of Hadoop to allow data stored in Hadoop to be analyzed on demand.  Leveraging Teradata, Teradata Aster and Fuzzy Logix in your environment means that you can analyze all types of data and serve both the needs of model builders and business users for fast analytics on big data.

Teradata & Teradata Aster In-Database Analytics


Companies that leverage Advanced Analytics within their integrated analytical ecosystem will dominate the market as they extract value from their enterprise data to make decisions.  The challenges of deriving value from large volumes of data require solutions that support high-performance aggregation, processing and modeling.  These solutions must also allow employees, suppliers and customers to use familiar interfaces to derive insight and make timely decisions.

DB Lytix™ includes libraries of in-database models that run deep inside Teradata and Teradata Aster Systems.  Using these models allows you to execute analytics within the database, leveraging the performance, parallelism and scalability of Teradata system while dramatically improving the performance of analytic results and simplifying the integration of analytics into existing reporting and analytic applications.

  • EASY TO USE: DB Lytix™ or FIN Lytix™ can be installed in less than 30 minutes.  Data miners, Quants, data scientist and business analyst can work through the process of building complex data mining and business analytics up to 10X faster.  Once built, the models can be run from any existing reporting tool, mobile application or device therefore analytics can be deployed pervasively.
  • RICH REPOSITORY OF FUNCTIONS: DB Lytix™ contains a rich collection of functions.  From simple statistical analysis to Monte Carlo simulations to pattern recognition, DB Lytix™ provides the required functions to do it all.   FIN Lytix™ contains a library of financial functions for modeling equities, fixed income, risk, pricing and portfolio optimization.
  • INTEGRATE WITH EXISTING REPORTING TOOLS AND PLATFORMS:  DB Lytix™ models can be run from SPSS, SAS, MicroStrategy, Tableau, BIRST, Business Objects and almost any reporting tool as well as on iPads and mobile devices because access to the analytics is via industry standard SQL.

Teradata is a leader in big data analytic solutions, empowering businesses to unlock the full value of their data.  The Teradata and Aster MapReduce Platforms support the strategic and operational intelligence needs of analytics-driven enterprises.  Fuzzy Logix’ DB LytixTM is the world’s fastest, most scalable and most complete library of in-database analytics available.  Combining these offerings provides solutions that address the full array of big data challenges, delivering powerful insights to organizations.