Informix provides a powerful, reliable, scalable, secure and low-cost data platform for mission-critical business requirements. Informix provides capabilities for better workload management, resource utilization, warehouse and ready for informixsecurity management as required by multi-tenant applications and service-oriented architecture (SOA) environments today for 24x7x365 operation.

For Informix customers, Fuzzy Logix offers DB Lytix, our library of hundreds of math, statistics, data mining and time series models.  DB Lytix has proven to be the highest performing and most scalable analytics library available for Informix.

Informix Benefits Fuzzy Logix DB Lytix™ Complements
Zero to Low Administration Required. In-database models have been extensively tested to run like native functions and require no administration.
Robust Security Features including label-based access control (LBAC) DB Lytix™ models inherit the security features of Informix.
Platform Independence – Available on Windows, Linux, UNIX and MAC Available today on Linux and by request on other platforms.
Highly Reliable and Failover Secure  (High Availability Data Replication) By installing in-database analytics in the HDR, failover is seamless and analytics will continue to run.
Web 2.0 Features: blending content, mixing data and content, support for XML Publishing, Basic Text Search, Geospatial search using GML Models are able to analyze all of the web 2.0 features of Informix.
Time to Market Acceleration – with quick setup and virtually zero maintenance, Informix is faster to set up and deploy than other database solutions. The library installs in 15 minutes and since there is no need to set up a separate analytics server and associated architecture, solutions can be built and deployed in days.
Reduce Your Development and Management Cost –For ISV and OEM partners, you can nearly eliminate upfront development cost and experience the lowest maintenance requirements in the industry.  Customers report 99.9999% uptime. For ISV and OEM partners, Fuzzy Logix supports the same pricing model as Informix and can provide services and support related to including analytics in your products.  We also offer custom model development with an average turnaround time of 4 weeks.  Customers report 99.9999% uptime.
Deliver innovative virtualization and cloud computing solutions Fuzzy Logix functions run in virtualized and non-virtualized environments and support cloud computing solutions.
Companies can add capacity and scale using commodity hardware.  Workload can be distributed across servers and locations. As you scale Informix, DB Lytix™ will automatically scale.  With no seat license required, you can scale the number of users at will.
Embedded deployment is easy and cost effective.  With a silent install and self-management, Informix can be up and running in minutes with near-zero administration. Fuzzy Logix foot print is small and embedded near the kernel of the database.  Customers can build and deploy analytics in days and weeks instead of months.