With the world’s most popular software and applications, Microsoft products are indeed ubiquitous.  Products like Excel, SharePoint and PowerPoint have standardized the tools for analysis, collaboration and presentation, while SQL Server is widely used by businesses to manage their data. Microsoft products are the tools of choice for businesses worldwide.

Fast Analytics using CLR

Video – Fast Analytics

At Fuzzy Logix, we designed our models to run inside SQL Server and allow any reporting tool that can run a SQL query to run analytics.  Since our models run in-database, we eliminate data movement which allows our models to run at lightning speed with no cube required. The ability to be embedded into almost any reporting tool, combined with speed of execution allows you to easily and pervasively deploy analytic solutions with our models.

By partnering with Microsoft we’ve combined the ubiquity of their software products and the pervasive nature of our analytic models to democratize analytics. We use the term democratization because we believe that analytics should be  available on demand and embedded in standard business processes, with no awkward infrastructure needed to deliver the results.

  • With Visual Basic code, you can run in-database analytics and return the results to Excel for further analysis and graphing.
  • By using Share Point web analytics, you can add predictive models and collaborate across sales, marketing and inventory management on the results.
  • With PowerPoint, you can build presentations, for example monthly business unit reviews, and then update the charts and tables for each slide automatically.

In-Database Analytics

DB Lytix is a library of hundreds of in-database mathematical, statistical, data mining, simulation and forecasting models.  FIN Lytix adds cash flow, fixed income, equity, interest rate and time series capability.  Both DB Lytix and FIN Lytix run deep in the database, leveraging your existing infrastructure and eliminating the need for additional servers space required by traditional analytics products. Both libraries are available SQL Server 2008 and any later versions including SQL Server 2012.


Fuzzy Logix in-database models can be installed in less than 20 minutes.  Once installed, the models appear in the list of aggregate and scalar functions and are visible in the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.  The models are run using standard SQL statements and no cubes are required.  All processing occurs directly in the database and is managed by the SQL Server kernel.

sql example

By combining ubiquitous software from Microsoft with in-database models from Fuzzy Logix you can democratize analytics across your organization.