Leveraging the Power of In-Database Analytics for FISERV, Retail, and Government

ParAccel now extends the power of ParAccel Analytic Database (PADB) to new audiences, partners and analytic capabilities. PADB 3.0 embeds highly sophisticated analytics natively into the database to provide maximum analytic performance. Our approach to extensibility leverages a familiar, flexible and repeatable approach to quickly and efficiently implement custom analytics.

Top 5 Benefits

  • Boost Performance: Eliminate redundant data access/movement
  • Eliminate Analytic Silos: Leverage advanced analytics across a broader audience
  • Speed Time-to-Analysis: Leverage 3rd-party advanced analytics
  • Enhance Productivity: Reuse existing skill sets (including SQL, C, C++, etc.)
  • Protect Investment: Leverage existing analytic investments

ParAccel delivers on the promise of high performance for advanced analytics. With the introduction of PADB 3.0, ParAccel combines industry-leading analytic performance with both off-the-shelf modules from Fuzzy Logix and custom analytics. Now customers in the financial services, retail, government and other enterprises can quickly build and customize analyses using advanced analytic building blocks – speeding their time-to-analysis in timeframes that matter.

Data Sheet – Fuzzy Logix & ParAccel Analytic Modules

Fuzzy Logix and ParAccel

Financial services, retail, government and other enterprise customers today need both analytic performance as well as the ability to quickly craft analysis without costly delays. Now enterprises can easily implement new advanced analytics directly into their analysis using off-the-shelf modules from Fuzzy Logix and ParAccel. Instead of creating their own multivariate distribution functions, or statistical functions (such as rank correlation), customers can easily use pre-built modules to rapidly implement sophisticated analysis. Advanced analytics, specific to the Financial Services industry are also exclusively available from ParAccel and Fuzzy Logix, including items like Merton Models, and Monte Carlo simulation for example.

White Paper – Accelerate Insight for Financial Services: Reduce Risk, Stop Fraud, Increase Profits

ParAccel underpins all of these off-the-shelf analytic modules with industry-leading performance. All of Fuzzy Logix’ analytic modules run natively within PADB (the ParAccel Analytic Database) to deliver advanced insights faster than the competition. The ability to utilize multiple analytic modules, in a highly iterative process, utilizing dozens of dimension can deliver unique competitive insights. ParAccel’s Extensibility enables customers to repeatedly push past their previous analytic bottlenecks and limitations.