Could you pair the world’s leading intelligent columnar database with a robust library of in-database analytics and create exceptional business value?  The answer is a resounding “YES!” By forming a close partnership between Sybase IQ and Fuzzy Logix, we are able to deliver innovative business solutions at lightning speed.


Fuzzy Logix and Sybase – In Database Analytics

White Papers

Big Data Analytics Guide

Advanced Analytics for Financial Institutions

Leveraging Analytics with Sybase IQ

Leveraging Analytics with Sybase IQ

Sybase In-Database Analytics

Insurance Fraud Detection

Insurance Fraud Detection

Bloor on In-Database Analytics

Bloor on In-Database Analytics


Deep Integration

How deeply integrated is our partnership?  Not only does SAP resell our products, we’ve worked side-by-side for years with teams of engineers across the globe from both companies to integrate our quantitative and analytical library into the kernel of Sybase IQ.  This deep knowledge thus acquired gives us unique insight into Sybase IQ and enables us to continue to develop innovative analytical solutions and work with customers to ensure that they are leveraging all of the stunning performance benefits of the IQ platform.

All of our models have been stringently tested for optimal performance on the available platforms. In fact during the product development cycle, the engineers at Sybase showed no mercy in testing for robustness, performance and error free processing once the models were released to them. At the same time, we at Fuzzy Logix worked tirelessly to refine the algorithms to ensure that they leverage all the capabilities of Sybase IQ. For potential customers, this ensures that business solutions implemented using in-database analytics will run seamlessly with the best possible performance.

Solving Real-World Problems

Jointly, Sybase and Fuzzy Logix have developed a series of use cases to illustrate how the in-database analytical functions and models can be used for solving various business problems. These are available for testing and review and demonstrate the benefits of marrying columnar database architecture with in-database analytics. While these use cases demonstrate the future potential, and in fact can be implemented as working solutions today, these represent only a fraction of the types of solutions than can be implemented using in-database analytics on Sybase IQ.

As enterprises accumulate mountains of data, it is becoming more and more challenging to analyze this data and identify potential issues or opportunities proactively. With our library of pre-built analytical models on the intelligent and powerful platform of Sybase IQ, you can spend much less time waiting for answers or figuring out how to get the answers, and much more time implementing solutions and creating business value.

About Sybase

Sybase is an industry leader in delivering enterprise and mobile software to manage, analyze and mobilize information. We are recognized globally as a performance leader, proven in the most data-intensive industries and across all major systems, networks and devices. Our information management, analytics and enterprise mobility solutions have powered the world’s most mission-critical systems in financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing and government. Sybase IQ is the world’s leading column-based analytics server, handling the most challenging business reporting and analytics requirements with ease, and delivering dramatically faster, consistently more accurate analysis to address the growing need to anticipate risks and opportunity in a volatile global climate.