Aperity, an OEM partner, combines industry leading technology with vast experience in consumer packaged goods and retail to deliver solutions for their clients. Aperity offers many solutions, including iSalesBrandManagementâ„¢, a hosted solution that dramatically improves reporting and effectiveness of sales, marketing and inventory in the spirits, wine and beer industry. The solution enables personnel to better understand brand launches, brand distribution, promotional effectiveness, category management, as well as monitor distributors, inventory, and stores. Their reports provide a simple, integrated approach to managing information about product sales and inventory movement.

In addition, Aperity offers hosted analytic solutions including:

Groundbreaking forecasting capabilities are available across your entire store universe. Aperity successfully targets volume across 500,000+ stores in minutes with forecast that can go out 12 months in the future with greater than 95% accuracy.

Identify how different markets will react to promotions or brand introductions. Discover opportunities where you never expected to see them.

Develop meaningful groups of customers. Identify and prioritize groups for easier implantation of trade sales programs.

Price Elasticity
Trying to understand how price changes by you or your competitors will impact your sales? Play What If scenarios and develop pricing strategies to maximize your sales.