Toad for Data Analysts Professional with Analytics Edition provides a repository of sophisticated functions for rich data analytics used at the desktop to accelerate predictive modeling and data mining. With core functions for pattern discovery, clustering and regression powered by Fuzzy Logix, analysts can improve their analytic time to value at a fraction of the cost of server-based in-database analytics solutions. These added capabilities in Toad for Data Analysts put an extremely practical, simplified solution for complex analytics into the hands of more users.

The new release of Toad for Data Analysts also includes enhancements that ease difficulties associated with general data querying and reporting by automating manual, time-intensive tasks. Gathering data from various sources for reporting can be complex and time-consuming, and typically requires the use of multiple tools. Once analysts find the data they need, it can be difficult to view and understand, let alone compare and synchronize. Toad for Data Analysts also offers advanced heterogeneous queries and data cleansing and transformation utilities that simplify complex data manipulation tasks, as well as data visualization functionality that allows users to easily profile, view and understand their data sets.