Similar to Analytics in the cloud, we manage the entire infrastructure and in addition add the resources you need to perform your analytics. If you would like us to provide the analytic expertise for your business, we can provide services such as:

  • Customer segmentation and targeting
  • Forecasting
  • Financial analytics including risk modeling, credit and trading models and portfolio optimization
  • Marketing Optimization

Simply put, if you have data and a question, challenge or opportunity, but don’t want to build your own internal infrastructure and team, we can help you with our managed service solutions.  There are two ways to leverage these services:

  • On-Demand – we’ll meet with you to determine your needs and the data requirements and we’ll then define and price your solution.  The output can be the analytics you need or a fully documented study of your ….. examples include:
  • Subscription – Sometimes, it makes sense to “rent” a team of analyst over a fixed period of time.   In this case, we serve as your analytics partner and work on a schedule that can include fixed deliverables and custom modeling.  These services can be delivered on your site with your equipment and our models or in our hosted environment.