Accurate forecasting has historically been a challenge for most businesses. Common methods involve such techniques as “same as last month; plus 5%”, “add seasonality; plus 5%”, insert your favorite statistical method; plus 5%). Wouldn’t it be amazing to forecast key areas of your business such as sales, product co-movement, cannibalization, marketing effectiveness and other areas with greater than 95% accuracy and more than 8 weeks in to the future?

Our proven self-learning algorithms use quantitative methods, pattern recognition and simulation to determine the trajectory of performance. We’ve leveraged techniques previously only available to those with the huge budgets necessary to field large quantitative teams, built in artificial intelligence and added an easy to use interface putting the power in the hands of business users at a cost that is within the reach of all companies.

Because our programs generate very accurate forecast that can predict far into the future, you will have plenty of time to make operational adjustments to ensure your performance meets your targets as opposed to discovering too late that programs will not provide expected benefits or that your promotions have outrun your capacity to deliver.

In addition we can provide forecast for all of the key drivers of your business that automatically alert you to unexpected future conditions with plenty of time for you to proactively modify the outcome before the event occurs.

Highly accurate long-term forecasting gives you the ability to anticipate future events and enough time to manage unexpected results before they happen.