Retail Analytics

Retail marketers and managers have access to more customer and business data than ever before… Fuzzy Logix’ analytics solutions can help you leverage that data.

Retail is an industry that has a history of embracing technological advances: from ecommerce to social media, retailers innovate and experiment. In doing so, they’re collecting increasing amounts of customer and business information.

However, in our conversations with retail marketing executives we’re hearing that they are facing challenges in utilizing analytics with data. At Fuzzy Logix we have a combination of industry-leading products and extensive experience to help retailers get to grips, and get ahead, with analytics, including:

  • Identifying the highest impact opportunities to leverage analytics
  • Goal definition: setting goals for using analytics and designing solutions that make them achievable
  • Actionable results: getting the information you need to meaningfully assess your activity and guide your next steps
  • Better and faster insight: embedded solution can work with unlimited variables and typically achieve throughput that is 10-100x faster than other products

How it works

Our embedded analytical functions reside and perform inside your database, virtually eliminating data movement and providing an easy-to-use, low-cost and high-performance solution that allows business users to work directly with up-to-date, consistent data across any size of data set.

What we do

We provide products and solutions within the entire retail environment. Below are just some of the areas of retail marketing and retail operations, in which we can help you achieve greater efficiencies and results.

Retail Marketing Solutions
Big Data in Retail
Customer Acquisition and Relationship Deepening
Customer Behaviour Management
Customer Loyalty and Targeting
Retail Churn and Retention
Retail CRM Analytics
Retail Recommendation Engines

Retail Operations Solutions
Product Lifecycle and Management
Product and Price Analytics
Trading Operations

These are just some of our retail analytics solutions; do contact us to discuss your specific challenges and requirements.