Analytics-Driven Marketing

We prove daily how our clients can leverage in-database analytics from Fuzzy Logix to improve marketing effectiveness and enhance customer experience. Our consultation services and products can help sky-rocket your marketing potential and achieve a competitive edge in today’s global economy.

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Customer Segmentation
Behavioral Segmentation
Behavioral Segmentation White Paper

Our applications address important areas including campaign management, product recommendations, market basket analysis, churn management and behavioral analysis. These solutions work on a very large volume of data and achieve enormous processing efficiencies leading to a throughput that is typically 10 to 100 times faster than other products. The common driver for the success of all of these applications is the use of in-database analytics.

Our products work completely within your existing data warehouses, eliminating the need to move data. They are compatible with most data environments and front-end reporting tools, ensuring your business users – from systems and IT to analysts and marketers – can implement and use our solutions effectively and with ease.

Fuzzy Logix, IBM Netezza and Trident Marketing
In the following video, Fuzzy Logix Founder and CEO Partha Sen talks with Steve Baldelli, CEO of Trident Marketing about using Fuzzy Logix embedded analytics with IBM Netezza to perform big data analytics. Learn how Fuzzy Logix helped Trident Marketing achieve improved targeted and attribution marketing which led to increased business growth and maximised revenue potential.

Our Marketing Solutions
Banner Ad Effectiveness
CRM Analytics
Google Page Rankings
Improving Churn and Retention
Integrated Marketing Optimization
Keywords and Clickstream
Marketing Attribution
Omni-Channel Marketing
Predictive Campaign Marketing
Real-Time Customer Engagement
Recommendation Engines
Social Media Marketing

These are just some of the areas in which our products can help you achieve greater efficiencies and results. Do contact us to discuss your specific challenges and requirements.